Istituto Leonino

Why not????

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This week we’ll try to tell you what’s happened at Leonino in English!

It’s almost a must after the beginning of a new English course for our children!!!! Not only English but also rhythmic gymnastic, Latin course and, inevitabile, last but not least our campus!!

New games of movement, new games with letters and words and the song of our “alphabet of beautiful things”. And more “The curòmi project” on Thursdays that teachs how it’s difficult control emotions like anger, fear, sadness, happiness or surprise.

And again the  music, trying to learn “Freedom” not only singing but also dancing with our bodies who can become sculptures!

It’s worth remarking that the “SESTA AREA DIDATTICA” is growing day by day, improving to get the most out of everyone….difficult but not impossibile!!!!